Partial Withdrawals

Due to how withdrawals from Ethereum are designed, users can only initiate one partial withdrawal per sequential sweep of all validators (which takes approximately 7-8 days).

All funds unstaked from EigenLayer go through a 7-day escrow period before being able to be withdrawn. Thus after you initiate your unstake, you must wait 7-days before being able to withdraw your assets.

Step 1: Unstake - click Unstake to queue the withdrawal and initiate the escrow period.

If successful, you should receive a confirmation. Once the transaction confirms, you should see your EigenPod balance move to Unstake pending:

Step 2: Wait for the escrow period to complete.

Step 3: Withdraw - upon completion of the escrow period. Click Withdraw to transfer the funds to your wallet.

If successful, you should receive a confirmation.

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