Create Validator on XHash

Select non-custodial staking in XHash, select no validator keys, and then stake multiple ETH of 32, enter the EigenPod address as the withdrawal address, and connect the wallet to create.

Step 1: Select non-custodial staking and click "Stake now".

Step 2: Click "NO", select no validator keys.

Step 3: On the staking page, after "CONNECT WALLET", enter the parameters, set the withdrawal address to the EigenPod address created at the EigenLayer, and click "STAKE".

The withdrawal address must be set to the EigenPod address created in EigenLayer. Otherwise, you cannot participate in EigenLayer restaking.

The address of the sending transaction contract is XHash batch deposit contract:0xa86341E5C278443c8648be44110167E1bbD9Cba6.

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