Full Withdrawals

All funds unstaked from EigenLayer Mainnet go through a 7-day escrow period before being able to be withdrawn. Thus after you initiate your unstake, you must wait 7-days before being able to withdraw your assets.

Step 1: Exit your validator from XHash. On the XHash dashboard page, select the validator from the Validators list and click "Exit" to exit the validator.

Step 2: Wait for your validator to fully exit the validator queue. A full exit from the validator queue is required, which can take multiple days. Please refer to validatorqueue.com for the latest expected timing.

Once the validator withdrawal from Ethereum is completed, your staked ETH balance is credited to your EigenPod address and can be viewed on the EigenLayer app.

Step 3: Unstake - click Unstake to initiate the 7-day escrow period. Once the transaction confirms, you should see your EigenPod balance move to Unstake pending

Step 4: Wait for the 7-day escrow period to complete.

Step 5: Withdraw your ETH. Click Withdraw to transfer the ETH to your wallet

If successful, you will receive a confirmation.

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