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  1. Prepare a Windows or Apple computer, which can open the following two websites:

  2. Register an account with an email address on xhash.com

  3. Install a wallet that supports WalletConnect on your phone, such as MetaMask, imToke

click here to view the list of supported wallet APPs for xhash-auto-staking-client

2.XHash Client Overview

xhash-auto-staking-clientis an eth fast staking program developed by XHash on the basis of wagyu-key-gen which is the validators generator recommended by Ethereum.The program is completely open source, and users can view, download and run it on the github website.

3.Download address


4.How to use

4.1 Create a new mnemonic or import an existing mnemonic


For security, we recommend you disconnect from the internet to complete this step.

Write down the mnemonic in a safe place. Click NEXT to continue.

NOTE: The mnemonic is the only way to generate your withdrawal key when you wish to withdraw the funds. Please make sure you have kept it safe, preferably offline.

4.2 Create validator keys

Set Number of New Keys and Password,Make sure to save the password you set in a safe place. Then click NEXT.

Retype the password you set, and click NEXT.

Choose a folder to save your keys.

Create success,Two different files will be generated under the corresponding folder, namely the keystore file(keystore-xxxxxxx.json)and deposit data file(deposit_data-xxxxxx.json)。

4.4 Validator deposit

After creating the validator, click Next to enter the deposit page, and select the deposit data file just generated.

After the deposit data file verification is successful, click Next.

click WalletConnect,a QR code appears, scan the QR code with a wallet that supports WalletConnect, and connect to the wallet.

From this step onwards, an internet connection is required.

After the connection is successful, the wallet address and balance will be displayed, then click Next.

In the validator list, you can choose the normal mode or the batch mode. When there are multiple validator who are ready to deposit, you can choose the batch mode to reduce the number of times you need to confirm the transaction. In the batch mode, a single transaction can process up to 100 deposits .

4.3.1 Normal Mode

In the validator list, you can view the current validator status, click CONFIRM DEPOSIT, and the wallet will be connected to initiate a deposit transaction to the eth2.0 contract address, and 32 eth will be transferred. At this time, a corresponding transaction will appear on the wallet. After the user agrees to sign, the transaction will be sent.

Note: The address of the eth2.0 stake contract is0x00000000219ab540356cBB839Cbe05303d7705Fa, when deposit, the user needs to carefully check the deposit address.

After completing the deposit, click Next.

4.3.2 Batch Mode

Click the slider to switch to batch mode, the page will show you the deposit status of the deposit file you submitted, modify the deposit amount you want to send, make sure the sending amount is less than the available amount, and then click CONFIRM

Click to CONFIRM DEPOSIT, the amount of the deposit will be the number of verifiers * 32, and wait for the successful sending

4.5 Upload keystore to XHash

Enter your email address and password, click the login button, and log in to XHash.

Select the previously generated keystore file, enter the corresponding key password, and click Upload.

Upload the keystore successfully, close the program.

5.Check the status of the validators

Log in to the XHash console to view the status of the validators.

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